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Halloween Mantle #marthahalloween

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

I recently got the opportunity to check out a bunch of craft goodies from the Martha Stewart Crafts line.  Here's a little peek at all the cool stuff I got to try out.  Stencils, glass and acrylic paints, brushes, liquid gilding, glass paint squeegees, glass patterning tapes, stucco paint, a spray paint kit that turns any of her acrylic paints into spray paint, and more!

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

It's been 4 years since I've had a house with a mantle to decorate.  The house we just moved into has five!  So I immediately knew I wanted to create a festive Halloween Mantle in our dining room.  I'm going to break down how you can make your own into the five following mini-tutorials:

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

{1} Painted Chalkboard "Keep Out" Sign

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

What You'll Need:
-A Rectangular Sign (I got this metal one on clearance at the craft store)
-Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Chalkboard Paint in Gray
-Foam Brush/Paintbrushes
-Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Paint in Carrot and Pearl Glass Paint in Purple Martin

I painted the center of the sign with 2 coats of the chalkboard paint, allowing 1 hour drying time in between coats and then allowed it to cure for 24 hours.  To condition before use, you simply rub chalk over the surface then wipe it off and it's ready to write on.

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

And then I painted the "frame" of the sign with 2 coats of Carrot (Orange), allowing an hour drying time in between coats.  I also used the pearly Purple Martin paint to accent (I followed a pattern already on the metal sign).

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

{2) Festive Cake Stand

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

What You'll Need:
-Cake Stand
-Martha Stewart Glass Paint in Gloss Mace (Orange) and Pearl Purple Martin

This is super simple.  I simply did dots of paint in alternating colors.  The tips of the glass paints made this so easy (but I got a major hand cramp doing squeezing out all those dots!).

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

{3} Hocus Pocus Pumpkin

What You'll Need:
-Black Cat Stencil from the Martha Stewart "Holiday Icons" Stencil Set
-Small Paintbrush
-Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint in Vanilla Bean and Metallic Glass Paint in Black Nickel
-Ceramic Pumpkin

First I centered the stencil over my pumpkin and sparingly dabbed one coat of paint on.  Then I immediately carefully removed the stencil and washed it.  I used the metallic glass paint to outline the cat and freehand the words "Hocus Pocus".

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

{4} Jack-O-Lantern Floral Display

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

What You'll Need:
-Foam Floral Blocks
-Assorted fall "floral" sticks (including pumpkins)
-Burlap Scraps
-Martha Steward Acrylic Paint in Vanilla Bean
-Small Paint brush

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

This is pretty simple too.  I placed the foam blocks into the tin buckets and arranged the floral/seasonal sticks as desired.  Then I folded the burlap into a ruffled pattern and placed it around floral/seasonal display.  I used the acrylic paint to freehand various jack-o-lantern faces onto each pumpkin.

{5} "Happy Halloween" Wreath

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

What You'll Need:
-14" Styrofoam Wreath
-4 spools of 25 yard tulle (Two black, two purple), cut into 18" strips
-Orange Ribbon
-Wood Sign that's large enough to span wreath (I found this cute ghost one at the craft store)
-Martha Stewart Condensed Sans Alphabet Adhesive Stencils and a small paintbrush
-Martha Stewart Acrylic High Gloss Paint in Geranium (Orange)

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

First, I tied tulle around the wreath alternating 6 of each color all the way around.

Working a few letters at a time, I spelled out "Happy Halloween" with the adhesive stencils and dabbed each letter with paint (sparingly so the stencils don't bleed!).  Immediately remove and wash stencils as you go.  These adhesive stencils rock and are re-useable but you have to wash them right away.  They'll be just as sticky after they dry.  Using a dry brush and very little paint, I dabbed randomly at the sign for extra bursts of orange around the "Happy Halloween" text.

I hot glued the sign to the wreath and tied orange ribbon at the top center to hang the wreath.

Halloween Mantle #MarthaHalloween

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You can check out more Halloween projects from this fun campaign here:


Disclosure: I wrote this post as a part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Crafts and Blueprint Social.  As always, the opinions in this post are 100% my own.  See the bottom of my blog for a Full Disclosure Statement.

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